Manufactured by NCP in Fergus, Ontario. There is no wear. Now 7 years later the whole thing is starting to peel. I do get mold but I feel it is not the fault of Trex decking. What is the remedy? Get-Prices. Who in their, RIGHT MIND would use this product KNOWING that. It’s a 10ft. I had to replace 3 of my steps due to it. We have just had our deck finished with gravel path for the outside of the deck called picture frame, and saddle for the spine and middle of deck. File a Claim Online. I have pictures but could not attach it to this message. I called the manufacturer and he wanted me to check on the boards for the number/code and told him “I can’t check every board for a white sticker with a number” and told him “I have the receipt which shows Lowe’s delivered the material (over $5,000. Well...this is really interesting! It’s a waste of money. The product was installed in 06-07 on a new construction home wrap around deck. The error appeared to point to a water issues of improper drainage, but we were able to provide pictures of the before and after to show that there was not a drainage issue, and the matter was quickly resolved to our satisfaction. Apparently my sis and her husband DID NOT do their research! We had replaced the painted tongue and groove pine flooring on this porch twice before. TREX is giving me a new deck. :thumbsup: Does anyone have a Trex deck that hasnt fallen apart? It is still very beautiful. I wanted to install Trex at our beach house but the historic preservation committee vetoed our use of anything synthetic. It took quite a while for their representative to come look at it. It appears to be mold. Time to check out the competition. Trex decking disintegrating - anyone have experience with this ... Veranda is HD only product, ... Trex is the world’s #1 decking brand and the inventor of wood-alternative composite decking. He simply provides you with a copy of the invoice that he gave you when the job was complete. See photo. Then we bought a house with an 80 ft. deck that was built as new const. Although it gets full sun for most of the day, the mold issue is horrible and requires cleaning so often it’s excessive. ... Our 2nd story TREX deck started disintegrating after the first year and by the 3d year disintegrated to the point that it was to dangerous to walk on. I don't even know where to start to have this problem addressed. That it would not fade, mold, warp, chip and so on. We were never notified about this from anyone. A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. 13 years ago. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! 18 months ago we installed 1,200 sq ft of Saddle Accent. Hire the Best Composite Deck Contractors in Fairport, NY on HomeAdvisor. I was very excited to have my old rotting deck replaced with Trex composite decking. Stay away! HELPFUL39 people found this review helpful, Andy of Olympia, WA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Nov. 1, 2015, I installed 900 sq ft of “best” Trex decking in my backyard in 2005. It’s garbage. Do not buy TREX composite decking. I later came home and was up until 3:45 am doing my research because what I found was both shocking and very disturbing. In this day and age, that's something to consider. We immediately contacted Trex. I guess there is also PVC boards that could be used, or are there other material that are used that will flex, Hardiebacker strips would be great, but not sure of its flexibility. about 8 yrs. HELPFUL55 people found this review helpfulCustomer increased Rating by 3 stars! How to Repair a Composite Deck if It Gets Damaged. We installed a large Trex deck in approximately 2 and half years ago and it began to bubble and decompose within the first year in spots, The process continued to spread to other boards. Think we made a big mistake. All Rights Reserved. If you are up for enjoying the misery of others, here's a trex blog site about the woes of other owners like me - Trex Decking Review: A new Trex Class Action Lawsuit. HELPFUL46 people found this review helpful, Dee of Lake Katrine, NY Verified ReviewerOriginal review: June 1, 2015, When I lived in NC I ordered and spent thousands of dollars for Trex Decking for my pool and entertainment area. Trex Warranty Claims Information. It’s now almost 8 years. Trex decking disintegrating - anyone have experience with this? The first thing we noticed was how soft the material was and how easily it scratched and dented if you dropped something on it or moved furniture. But, what we did experience is 4, 20″ potted tomato plants & our grill blown completely off the deck. I even sent them 33 pictures of my deck including the boards that are badly cracked and all the boards have expanded so much that there are no longer gaps between them. It looks great temporarily, but the mold returns after only a few weeks. I have been asked to add on to a Trex deck only to find out it was some other off brand. I inadvertently voided my warranty in the second year by power washing mold and leaves from the deck. Sad... i was involved in the recycled plastic lumber industry back in 1992-'94, and there really hasn't been much technological advancement since then... just better marketing. It’s been a nightmare for us. But now she's HAPPY...hmmmmmm. HELPFUL38 people found this review helpful, Cheryl of Berwyn, PA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: July 19, 2015, We installed a Trex deck 12 years ago. Good luck to you!Original review: March 18, 2016, I wanted to post a note regarding our installation and subsequent warranty filing. He claimed only a very few boards were an issue and offered to give us a very small monetary amount to replace them. However, the Trex company has not yet responded to our request to replace the deck. What a waste. I cannot believe this deck material is sold in the U.S. HELPFUL83 people found this review helpful, Lisa of Weaverville, NCOriginal review: March 7, 2015, I saved for 2 years to have a 2nd story deck replaced. I was told to use dish soap and scrub them and then rinse off. would like to somehow cut part off and leave area for walking to other part of deck, caused by drainage problem not designed properly. TT-COC-003944.229 | PEFC Certification No. MY final analysis is this::thumbdown: 2. Don’t believe their warranty. I experience none of the warping issues I’ve read here. The only regular “cleaning” is sweeping the snow off it. Home / Blog / Composite Decking Problems and Complaints, TREX Decking ComplaintsJanice of Grass Valley, CA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: June 26, 2016. My porch is almost white. The deck looks great, my only complaint is I have doggy paw prints all over the deck and I can’t get them off. The flaking Trex underneath the paint continues to deteriorate causing the paint to lift off in big chips. The product name. Then it faded. The Trex Rep told us they would settle down in a short time. It was installed by the contractor who built our house and they put the boards too close together in many places. There is actually a LIFETIME warranty on this and to clean?...wash off! .. Epoch Industries/Tamko Evergrain decking is simply disintegrating. Trex customer service has not been helpful at all. Upon closer inspection I started seeing just a few black spots on one of the boards used on the railing. Trex decking resists termites, won't rot, warp, or splinter-and never needs staining or painting. HELPFUL69 people found this review helpful, Jeff of Bluffton, SC Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Oct. 29, 2015, Trex Spice Rum decking – Bought/installed Trex on 3 porches. No showroom in the area. The only product I have found that removes the mold is Kaboom mold and mildew cleaner. So Trex gets 5 star, Tamko gets 1 star for failing to replace/warranty the materials that need replacing.Original review: June 1, 2016, My first deck in Ramona Ca. So, 18 years later and my Trex looks like it did when it was new. Any ideas on how to get them to reconsider my claim with "proper documentation"? I suspect the benches will eventually fall off completely. She was very helpful in the designing of our deck. HELPFUL59 people found this review helpful, Joe of Brentwood, TN Verified ReviewerResolution response: March 24, 2016. After having my own engineer and installer inspect the deck, we went ahead and filed a warranty claim. It also sags between traces as much as half an inch. Don’t buy Trex! We had our deck built in 2002 and it looks absolutely horrible. 18 months ago we installed 1,200 sq ft of Saddle Accent. Within 10 years of building it, it began to warp, looking like weather had hurt it. I hope it works well for your sister because its extremely disappointing when it goes bad. Because they are so close together, dirt, helicopter seeds from trees become stuck and are difficult to remove. HELPFUL83 people found this review helpful, Brian of Palm Coast, FL Verified ReviewerOriginal review: April 18, 2015, Our dock builder recommends Trex. Ipe looks nice but apparently is very hard and difficult to work with. Thanks. The more info I researched, the more shocking it was. When I saw the dark spots I was a little concerned, but not overly. The days of warped wood and disintegrating corn bags are over. Comments (3) Sorry if it wasnt the exact answer you were looking for. Our deck is only 2 years old. I'm thinking I need to consider wood again as well. Helping You to Do It Yourself! What's more, Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials: That's an eco-friendly decking … I use the specials screws for composite decking and predrill all the boards I ve been having … I went on the Trex website and they said the Trex material can be painted. HELPFUL92 people found this review helpful, Patrick of North Vancouver, BC Verified ReviewerOriginal review: May 11, 2015, We installed TREX decking 3 years ago on our floating deck (it’s above torch on). The only problem I’ve had is not due to the Trex but to the installation. Sold by Monaghan Lumber in Peterborough, Ontario in 2008. It didn’t work. My sister was totally excited about the Trex. After @ 6 yrs it’s starting to lose the grain pattern and your hands get dusty when you touch the deck rails.VIEW MORE, HELPFUL82 people found this review helpfulAre you this business?Learn more about ConsumerAffairs for Brands, Sharon of Fergus, ONOriginal review: June 2, 2016. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. No mold, great stuff. When our Decking expert installed it, It was only two months when the boards shrunk, twisted and destroyed many of the Trex screws we purchased with the product. HELPFUL60 people found this review helpful, Ronald of Foristell, MOOriginal review: July 2, 2015, I noticed last year there was some black staining. I believe I do have the receipts. It gets so hot you can not stand on it and it is also discoloring which I discovered from other reviews is mold. BMT-PEFC-1119.229, Composite Decking Problems and Complaints, is Registered in England and Wales as a Private Company Limited No. Trex company launched its line of composite wood alternative decking products more than a decade ago to rave reviews and revolutionized an industry. We were advised by TREX that this would be fine. By July it’s shoes only. It will not be long before we have to replace the TREX decking as it is turning to sawdust. Sad and their ego will define their future. No more asking "Can I … It took a couple of months and several letters back and forth but Trex has now agreed to replace the product. qizhen decking disintegrating anyone have experience with this? Somehow he installed the fasteners so we don’t experience the whistle. Does Trex really think that the contractor would give me a copy showing the actual cost they paid for the Trex? Very dissatisfied/disappointed in customer service response. You started with wood, so I will too (and so did 80 percent of U.S. deck builders, FYI). Every time it rained or we had any extended time of dampness, there were areas that turned almost black. With even a slight breeze a loud whistling noise comes from the deck. Evergrain composite decking is manufactured by Epoch Composite Products in Lamar, MO. Hi all, I have 2 decks to build here pretty soon, since I will never use trex again and at this point I'm a little scared of composite decking does anyone have suggestions on a wood material that will hold up to Colorado weather and look nice but somewhat easily maintained. I am looking into the class action claims now. I've read some poor reviews of Trex. TREX Decking Material | This is what happens when you spend … | … We have to take a broom and sweep off the standing water. We were told to sand and seal it. Bought a new home in 2004 that had a 700 sq ft of Trex decking that surrounded half the house. there is a BIG possibly that big problems may be ahead. If/when you are declined when you submit your claim, make sure you inquire as to the reason and ask to see the report they based their decision on- in our case we were able to stay on top of the details and work towards an acceptable solution.

trex decking disintegrating

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