2014-03-05. other Category. Stephen Douglas Enslaved African American who attempted to sue his master. In "The Spanish Civil War: A Prelude to WWII," Mike Kubic discusses the rising tensions in Spain between the Republican loyalists and the Falangist nationalists in 1936 that eventually erupted into a civil war. Another key contributor to the Civil War was the different economic styles in both the North and the South. South Carolina The Little Giant. Get More for Less! Add, edit, delete clues, and customize this puzzle. Kansas Nebraska American slave who sued his master for keeping him enslaved in a territory where slavery was banned under the Missouri Compromise. Played 0 times. Another cause of the Civil War was state rights and how this was interpreted by both the north and the south. Andersonville General of the Confederacy Robert E. Lee Battle that started the war. Print copies for an entire class. %��������� end or ablish it. PLAY. From 1800 to 1860, there were 17 new states. where slaves would run away and if you saw them you would have to catch them and return them back to slavery. There were several causes of the American Civil War. The issue of slavery was everywhere and there was much conflict over whether or not the new territories should be slave states or not. answer choices . Fort Sumter President of the United States during The Civil War. Civil War Webquest. In the years prior to the Civil War almost all sectional conflicts revolved around the enslavement issue. What led to the outbreak of the bloodiest conflict in the history of North America? Subjects: Social Studies - History, Government, U.S. History. "King Cotton" Northern strategy. Events Leading to the Civil War Word Search. The Union surrender of the fort in Charleston became a rallying point for the North and encouraged many people in the North to join the war … Why did Lincoln call out the militia? civil war causes worksheet answer key briefencounters 2. It caused the Southern states to secede. Causes of the Civil War Questions. Page 1 . Civil War. Modify with your own questions and answers. Civil War Causes Brainpop DRAFT. Understanding the causes of the Civil War can be a complex task for elementary-age students. Name: _ Civil War Answer Key / Study Guide What’s the Free-Soil Party known for? The Mexican War would result in new slave states, making abolitionists angry, resulting in the conflicts that started the Civil War. *l^��Ҋ�� v�@�F:Qܦ� �� Tg��zr�y�UXKd�&�צ쪺�H�'�P����"U'��@rR�q\I��\�U�rwՁ0n��drj׽-�iaTn�)*��E�Je&�Τ#�8��Ɣ��XYDN��{k��׈��d������Bb���0�ej�^�n�bN��"+�W�E&��i��3�7$Hΐ"�`�]0��n��";J}Sue��:Y �Rޙ����pb)�t�֙p��@�I�!�b�d����{��������شAB�Z�Gc�R��|������رq�d�۾��>t"���r}2����m�p�s��Jәa:�3�l�g�Az�>0����#�1bZS�Ȱ&���1�"G�:ɒqm��W�x�>����2c���Z��f�V� 2�����{�2�y�e?t��''�c'�Wc&a���{�A�u����1μ Use your notes to explain the types of lifestyles the two sides lived.) Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8 Sensitive Content. I have included an answer key. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book where the main character, Tom, is a slave. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 4. Civil War Battles of 1861-62 Quiz Civil War Battles of 1861-62 (Grades 8-10) review quiz - options for multiple pages, keys, and edit writing questions Edit the Civil War Battles of 1861-62 (Grades 8-10) review quiz using edHelper's quiz editor tool Civil War Battles of 1863 Quiz Civil war worksheets 5th grade pdf. Match. Moderate politicians such as Abraham Lincoln became active in the cause of fighting both the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the spread of slavery. A common explanation is that the Civil War was fought over the moral issue of slavery. Union believed the south should not enslave people, while the south thought otherwise. Sectionalism "The Great Compromiser." Popular Sovereignty A novel, published by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852, that turned Northern public opinion against slavery and the South more than anything else in the decade before the Civil War. On this page you can read or download english civil war webquest answer key in PDF format. Students will be analyzing primary source excerpts, pictures, and maps. civil war causes worksheet, civil war and reconstruction worksheets and cause and effect worksheets answer key are three main things we want to show you based on the post title. In the years prior to the Civil War almost all sectional conflicts revolved around the enslavement issue. home / other. First proposed by Henry Clay and championed by Stephen Douglas Compromise of 1850 A party formed by disgruntled Northern abolitionists in 1848, Free-Soil Party law passed under the Compromise of 1850 that forced Northerners to return runaway slaves to the South. Apply your knowledge of the events leading up to the Civil War to answer the following quiz questions. An abolitionist who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" who was dred scoot. Any man who takes it upon himself to explain the causes of the Civil War deserves whatever grief comes his way, regardless of his good intentions. II. The American Civil War started due to the secession of Southern states who then went on to form a new federal government, the Confederate States of America.American president Abraham Lincoln declared in his inaugural address that he would use force to maintain possession of Federal property and the war began with the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. This time around, Brown stormed an arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (present-day West Virginia), with twenty other men. Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist. Page 1 . Ulysses S. Grant sixteenth president of the United States in the election of 1860. Conflicting attitudes towards Royal authority and religion brought about a series of events which escalated into armed conflict. Download by size: Handphone Tablet Desktop (Original Size) Back To Civil War Causes Worksheet Answer Key. South Carolina Senator, developed the theory of popular sovereignty. what was the fugitive slave law . If you want to get the answers you are looking for in Civil War Secrets Online Worksheets, you can use the main link at the bottom of this page. Key Vocabulary of the Civil War; Don’t worry, we’ve also included the answer key to make correcting these civil war worksheets 4th grade pages a snap! It continued with the Compromise of 1820 … These causes include slavery, the Dred Scott Decision, and state rights. ... answer choices . Another cause of the Civil War was state rights and how this was interpreted by both the North and the South. View Causes of Civil War Study Guide - project by Misree Saini.docx from HIST 200 at Urbana High School, Urbana. Flashcards. What Caused The Civil War Dbq Teaching Resources from civil war causes worksheet answer key , source:teacherspayteachers.com. The Civil War erupted from a variety of long-standing tensions and... Slavery in the Economy and Society. Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia. *The assignment does not require t It reveals the challenges faced by the America in the early 1800's as our territory expanded and differing ideologies polarized. The Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision denied citizenship for African-Americans. The readings and pictures should leading up to the war, the causes, and the impact on the help … The test will be on _____. Civil War Lesson Answer Key . Union. In the 1800s, millions of immigrants came from . Bleeding Kansas The withdrawl of one or more States from America. They usually owned less than 100 acres of land. This will take you to the Civil War Secrets Worksheet Answer Key. About This Quiz & Worksheet. Revise attitudes to slavery, causes of the civil war and the rise of the republican party in the 1850s with BBC Bitesize National 5. population during the Civil War era Major Generals key Victories key Defeats Total number of Civil War casualties (injuries and losses of life) unIon ConFEDERACy 6 7. kdyroff. The politics over slavery began to heat up in the early to … his will give questions and answer for the civil war. �v��.6�\X)?8���ס�����5����Pl�΍�>�&�b������+���+�caH�{���ν���eP�tee��I58��T�W�H�¦���hۡ-�V�ʔ�U�L�*�-[8ٺ^CE��NTW=���*d��G„�4�� ]n�yU�����(U4!wD��D�y2�Ч9����F��D̈� }��ߺQ��hQ��qG8��KI�>g�q��;L�!�\������HR��k~��}���, �];4p� B�ޚ��6�[ۖ� ԜG6)�sҭ-��tZMhO\a �PD��u���Y'? The causes of the Civil War can be traced back to the late 1700s when Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, two British surveyors, drew the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland, dividing the North from the South.

causes of the civil war answer key

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